D&D Play Frequency

Just how often do I play D&D? I was curious, so I crunched some numbers on all of the campaigns I've DMed or played in since 3rd Edition came out*. The results were interesting, and also gave me a chance to see how long campaigns last.

I tried to find dates for every session in every campaign**. Having PBWiki records helped a lot! I then counted the number of days between each session. I labeled the first session of each campaign "Day 0", and kept a running total of days until the end of the campaign. This made it easy to compare length and frequency of play. Results are below - every tick on a line is a day we played a session for that campaign.

Congrats to Shroud Isle for lasting the longest (1014 days!) and to TPK for having the most sessions (39!).

Observations: I thought I DMed a lot in my first few years of university, but you can see that those campaigns - Pelallorin I and II - are actually pretty sparse between sessions. Myste Cryk and TPK, on the other hand, both aimed to play bi-weekly and were fairly consistent. Shroud Isle aimed to play every month.

Fun Stats: Average and Median "Days Between Sessions" for each campaign:

CampaignAvg DBSMed DBS
Pel I37.9227
Pel II57.7343
Shroud Isle48.2941
Myste Cryk19.6514

Method: I entered all of the data into an OpenOffice spreadsheet, but then ended up exporting it to a .csv file and creating the graph with gnuplot, as I couldn't get the spreadsheet to graph things how I wanted :-/

Questions? Comments? Do you have stats of your own? Tell me! :) dndculix \/AT/\ gmail /\DOT/\ com

* I realize other gamers may have played in many more than 7 campaigns since 3e came out. This doesn't count one-shots, shortlived campaigns of less than a few sessions, etc.

** Disclaimer: I couldn't find session dates for four or five sessions and so had to interpolate (READ: make up bullshit). Also, Bloodlynes continued playing long after I left so there's actually more data for it (my guess is the Average DBS would increase, since the data here is over the summer months when people could play frequently, but it would be fun to see). Shadowchasers is also still running.

changed January 3, 2009